Monday, 7 February 2011


(Fibretip, digital colour)
Arnold Green was quite perverse
And always drove round in reverse ...
This week's offering for Illustration Friday's set theme - Reverse. I can't help feeling there should be more lines to this verse, but so far they escape me.


Duncan said...

very funny, reminds me of a goons song.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Duncan, and if you can remember which Goons song, let's know.

Roy said...

My longstanding recollection, which I just made up, is that the next two lines are:

But as he used his brake to start
He got nowhere, the silly fart.


harry bell said...

You could be right, but I thought it ended with:

"Driving forward, he was much worse."

But then, I made it all up too.

Graham Charnock said...

He tried to go where he was sent
But instead of coming he went

harry bell said...

Thanks. An interesting addition; poor scansion though.