Monday, 4 July 2016

Michael Foreman Masterclass

Me and the Monster (WIP)
(Fine line marker and watercolour)

One Saturday in May I went to Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children's Books based in Newcastle, where I'd paid for a Masterclass with Michael Foreman, the great children's author and illustrator.

It was great fun. Michael told his life story, illustrated with family photographs and pictures from his books. He's a good storyteller with a fund of stories from his life and it's clear that his childhood has informed much of his work.

The final part of the day was a workshop and Michael admitted this was the first he'd held for adults. That became clear when he asked us what we wanted to do, rather than giving us a project. What he eventually settled on was "Draw yourself as a child, then draw who you thought you'd be when you grew up".

I don't think he could quite get to grips with what I drew (see above). I had to explain that I never had any idea of what I'd be when I grew up, and that's pretty much how I feel today. When I grow up, I might have a better idea.

Not knowing what I wanted to be, I drew a monster next to me, because that was what I liked when I was that age (and, of course, I still do).

I didn't have time to finish the watercolour work, or even get the feet right, but in due course I will.


FTL said...

I like it!

I'd be interested to hear more details of Michael's reaction, though.


harry bell said...

Sadly, there's little more to tell. While he was mulling it over, my companion at the table decided to explain it it to him (not entirely correctly) and the conversation moved on.